LitFire Brings Authors to One of the Most Prestigious Book Events in the World

As the next Frankfurt Book Fair draws near, LitFire once again jumps in on the chance.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since its conception back in the day, the Frankfurt Book Fair has been offering authors from all over the world the opportunity to share their works to readers, agents, and publishers. As the biggest book fair in the world, it is once again organizing the grand gathering of authors, publishers, and enthusiasts who wish to be exposed to the world of books.

LitFire's Booth Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
LitFire’s Booth Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Exhibitors at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair are given the opportunity to showcase their works, or the works of other authors, to an international audience. Making use of such opportunity exposes one’s undiscovered talent to those who are seeking authors to sign with publishers, or simply those who want to read exquisite pieces of literature. The possibilities are vast for writers at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The book festival will include special exhibits for authors of children’s books and art books, writers who want to learn more about book markets, funding for aspiring writers, and book tours for those who want to make use of the event to promote their work.

Frankfurt Booth 2015
Taken during the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair

Being part of the Frankfurt Book Fair is an excellent chance for any author out there, and some can only dream about participating in the international festival—but they need not dream any longer, as the book fair is always open to everyone.

LitFire Publishing will be participating in the five-day event. We’re giving authors the prospect to break through international boundaries, to have their work reach a global audience of potential readers, as well as agents who are looking to endorse writers to independent or perhaps renowned publishers.

LitFire has since played a role in book exhibitions since our formation, and this year, we aim to reach an even wider scope in fully highlighting what authors have to offer.

The Frankfurt Book Fair will be held on October 19 to 23, 2016 and will feature some of LitFire’s best published works.