LitFire Publishing Books Ready to Wow the World at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

Atlanta, Georgia. Come October 10 to 14 of this year, Frankfurt will turn again into the world’s biggest, oldest, and most famous book trade capital for all those brave enough to change the world with the written word.

The New York Times regards the Frankfurt Book Fair as “the highlight in the global publishing industry’s calendar, and it has worked in recent years to make itself more relevant beyond the literary landscape.” Last year, international bestsellers Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, Nicholas Sparks, and Cecilia Ahern brought the event to a whole new level. More than 280,000 local and international visitors witnessed the momentous occasion.

LitFire Publishing is attending the said event for the fourth time this year. This is another golden opportunity for self-publishing authors to make big names in the publishing industry. This year, we unfold another batch of promising books to share with our worldwide audience.

Here are some of the books you will see at the LitFire Publishing booth during the 70th Frankfurt Book Fair:

  1. Exodus: The Master Plan; A Current Prophecy by Alice Gravatt
  2. Catastrophe Theology by Francis Kai
  3. Autumn Woods: Collection of Poems; A Classic Vol. 3 by Jane Summers
  4. The Healer by Robin Anderson
  5. The Band 4: The Air We Breathe by Marguerite Nardone Gruen
  6. Margie and the School of Hard Knocks: Level Three by Margaret Gerow
  7. The Fish House Gang by Kenneth L. Funderburk
  8. Their Own Anam Cara: A Journey of Destiny by Laura Veazey Morrison-Roets
  9. Trial and Triumph by Kevin Hoffman
  10. Teacher-Parent-Student Workbook for Learning and Teaching Basic Phonics by Melvin Groves

Aside from this book exhibition, LitFire will be giving away gifts, essentials, and insightful activities for book lovers like you, so prepare your bags and questions way ahead!

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See you in Frankfurt!