LitFire’s Successful Journey at the 2016 London Book Fair

The Accounts of LitFire’s Triumphant Journey in the 2016 London Book Fair

Celebrating its forty-fifth year, the London Book Fair opened the massive chambers of Olympia, London, on April 14 to 16, 2016, to tens of thousands of people. These people, composed of authors, illustrators, and various publishing professionals, came together to enrich the creative world of media. Book rights and distribution agreements were made. Connections were created and strengthened. Skills and knowledge were shared and acquired. In short, the LBF 2016 had successfully perpetuated their mantra of “making words go further.”

LitFire Publishing gladly contributed to this success. Crossing bridges and boundaries, LitFire showcased several authors and their works throughout the event.

London 2016
Smiles abound. Authors Sharron Ensign (on the left) and Jenna Ellis (in the middle) with LitFire’s marketing manager, Richard Stephens (on the right), happily show off their books.

Mission Accomplished

Beginning in 1971, the London Book Fair was a place for showcasing the brilliance of the publishing industry. Throughout the years, the fair has grown in population and reputation, from a modest librarian’s trade show to one of the largest publishing events in the world.

Last year, the LBF welcomed over 25,000 publishing professionals from 124 countries. This year, the event achieved the same success, as the halls of Olympia were bustling with creative and trade activities.

London 2016
Getting started. Attendees from all over the world begin to fill the halls of Olympia, London.

The event was also well attended by the biggest names in the industry, including secretary of state for culture, media, and sport, John Whittingdale, and British scriptwriter, director, and actor Julian Fellowes. Former politician and international publishing phenomenon Jeffrey Archer also went to talk about publishing at the English PEN Literary Salon.

London 2016
Buzzing crowd. Authors, publishers, and other industry professionals network and build connections with one another.

Our authors were quick to entertain booth visitors, cordially welcoming and answering questions about their books. They also had a great time learning more about the publishing market from key personalities in the industry. Their experience in the LBF has given them a greater understanding of what needs to be done to fulfill their publishing dreams.

Literary welcome. LitFire titles proudly displayed are the first thing visitors see as they enter LitFire’s booth.


London 2016
Pleasant countenances. Authors Cami Onolfo (on the left) and Ron Lundmark greet LitFire booth visitors with warm smiles.

When asked about LitFire’s plan for next year, Stephens answered, “[We will] continue to improve the experience for authors who would seek to have their books displayed at these events and find more ways to increase their exposure and get the attention of literary agents who could help said authors pursue traditional publishing avenues.”

What’s Next for Us?

After the success of the 2016 London Book Fair, LitFire is heading to the largest publishing event in North America, BookExpo America (BEA). This 2016, we’re flying to the Windy City, Chicago, to take our authors and their works to this major international gathering. Join our publishing adventures on May 11 to 13 at the country’s biggest convention center, McCormick Place, Chicago.

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