Despite Irma’s Aftermath, Book Festival Organizers Push Through Event

All fair business more than the usual at the 34th Miami Book Fair held at Miami Dade College–Wolfson Campus last November 12–19, 2017. With over 200,000 people shuffling in and out of colorful tents spread across the campus and city streets, the organizers stayed true to their “commitment to expanding and strengthening Miami’s literary culture” despite feeling the after pinch of hurricane Irma.

In a live interview done by Book TV on the fairground, Dr. Eduardo Padron—president of Miami Dade College and co-founder of Miami Book Fair—emphasized the importance of the event to the community.

“Education is not limited to classrooms. There’s no better example of education for the entire community than this book fair. The ability to come and be faced with so many books from all over the world. To be able to see the writers that they never imagine they will be able to see in person or even have a conversation with them. To ask them questions. This is a gift to the Miami community, one that almost everyone can take advantage of,” he said.

Fairgoers from all ages were treated to reading sessions, panel discussions, writing workshops, book signing, and other activities facilitated by over 500 authors around the globe. A merry band of booksellers, publishers, vendors, and performing artists supplied the weekend entertainment to cap off the festivities on the streets.

LitFire Publishing, one of the thousands of street-fair exhibitors, brought along over seventy unique book titles and offered more than twenty copies for each. The company’s bestselling authors entertained both readers and literary consultants and gave away signed copies of their books during the fair. Authors including Meredith Villano, Kenneth Funderburk, Maryann Brickett, Dennis Quiles, Peter Lagomarsino, Mario Eisenbacher, Gale Gene Griffin, and Susan Walberg were there to participate in the street fair. A handful of visiting authors also popped in with their families to exchange quick hellos to thousands of booth visitors. They were given free tote bags, t-shirts, special edition of WayFairer magazine, Sprout pencils, and other surprises. Learn how you can avail of their exclusive promotional deals for book fairs by visiting