A year in book fairs, festivals and expos with LitFire Publishing.

If there is a word that would closely describe 2017 for LitFire Publishing, it would be eventful. In a span of twelve months, the Atlanta-based self-publishing company has taken its brand and their authors to four different states and four countries in Europe and Asia, attending different kinds of book events that have opened doors for global readership and international prominence.

2017 Roundup LitFire, beyond Grateful - LitFire Publishing - Events

Here’s a roundup of the regional, national, and international events LitFire participated in

ALA Midwinter Meetings and Exhibits

Held in January this year, the ALA Midwinter Meetings and Exhibits drew approximately 8,900 people, a mix of exhibitors and visitors. The highlight of this year’s gathering was to encourage librarians to propagate authentic information and battle fake news by spreading awareness and presenting a wide array of books in their respective libraries.

Tucson Festival of Books

Annually hosted by the University of Arizona, TFOB welcomed over thirteen thousand visitors. It is one of the most vibrant book events in the country, with activities for guests of all ages. This year’s festival was LitFire’s second time to join. The hot March weather did not hinder people from visiting and joining the various activities. The highlights of this year’s festival were the Science City exhibits and TFOB’s Literacy Connects, which helps children and adults with reading, writing, math, and English.

London Book Fair

2017 Roundup LitFire, London Book Fair - LitFire Publishing - Events
Less than a week after TFOB, LitFire headed to Europe for its first international book fair of the year. Visiting London Book Fair for the second time was a great experience for LitFire to create a solid network of publishing professionals. This year’s LBF talked about the potential impacts of Brexit on the publishing industry and the LBF International Excellence Awards.

Paris Book Fair

2017 Roundup LitFire, Paris Book Fair - LitFire Publishing - Events
LitFire capped off March with another trip to Europe to join Livre Paris, or Paris Book Fair. The event was well-attended by prominent French authors and political figures. It showcased and strengthened the French-Moroccan connection. Postevent statistics showed that the four-day book fair had a total of 160,000 visitors.

BookExpo America and BookCon

2017 Roundup LitFire, BookExpo America and BookCon - LitFire Publishing - Events
In May, LitFire went back to New York to join BookExpo America for the second time. This year’s BEA also included the annual BookCon, featuring graphic novels and high-profile guests. BEA 2017 was remarkable for LitFire Publishing when it came to book displays and visiting authors, because LitFire had a total of 182 book displays and 28 visiting authors who got to interact with other event attendees and publishing professionals.

ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition

2017 Roundup LitFire, ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition - LitFire Publishing - Events
The record-breaking attendance of 22,700 mixed guests, including librarians, library supporters, and exhibitors, is proof of the American Library Association’s continued relevance. This year’s book event held in June allowed LitFire to make a difference and join in on ALA’s advocacy of guarding communities against fake news.

Beijing International Book Fair

2017 Roundup LitFire, Beijing International Book Fair - LitFire Publishing - Events
Adding to the list of LitFire’s second-time attendance is the Beijing International Book Fair. LitFire went to China in August to participate in one of the biggest book fairs in Asia. BIBF was attended by exhibitors and guests from more or less eighty countries, an attempt to penetrate the world’s largest market. The trade show created an opportunity for LitFire authors to introduce their books to a dominantly Chinese audience.

AJC Decatur Book Festival

2017 Roundup LitFire,AJC Decatur Book Festival - LitFire Publishing - Events
As a new season started, LitFire also went back home to Atlanta to join AJC Decatur Book Festival. It is also LitFire’s second time to attend the country’s largest independent book festival. The 2017 festival highlighted the creativity of communities and the growing demand for children’s books.

Frankfurt Book Fair

2017 Roundup LitFire,Frankfurt Book Fair - LitFire Publishing - Events
Frankfurter Buchmesse is considered the oldest and largest book fair in the world. It is the perfect venue for brokering international rights deals and getting acquainted with the latest publishing trends. For this year, LitFire and some visiting authors participated in the conferences available, centering on the publishing industry of Southeast Asia.

Miami Book Fair

2017 Roundup LitFire,Miami Book Fair - LitFire Publishing - Events
For the first time, LitFire participated in “the nation’s finest literary festival,” the Miami Book Fair, attended by thousands of mixed guests. It marked LitFire’s end-of-year event but a start of a year-long journey.

LitFire’s attendance in these book fairs was a helpful way for authors to expand their network, gain knowledge about the growing publishing industry, and of course, introduce their work to a wider audience.

Tilly Dunn, author of Exit Stage Left and Exit Stage Right, is one of the authors who partnered with LitFire this year. LitFire now handles the publishing of her books and other marketing needs. When asked about her experience working with LitFire, Dunn says, “LitFire is a company that is guiding me and responding to me in a manner that I had never dreamed possible. I love working with LitFire. I am treated as an individual for whom the world of book marketing has opened up.”

2017 Roundup LitFire, Tilly Dunn - LitFire Publishing - Events
“ Before I worked with LitFire, I was with a self-publishing company [that] did not serve me well. Although this company is well-known and expansive, I felt lost. LitFire is a company that is guiding me and responding to me in a manner that I had never dreamed possible. I love working with LitFire. I am treated as an individual for whom the world of book marketing has opened up. My website was beautifully and professionally prepared using my ideas. The creators honored my wishes. I am in touch with coordinators who make me feel like a valued member of the LitFire team. I love being part of a unique family. After the Frankfurt Book Fair, I received my own WayFairer copy, which is well edited. I look forward to when I can travel to every book fair and contribute to promoting not just my book, but more LitFire books that especially speak to me.”
—Tilly Dunn, Exit Stage Left and Exit Stage Right
Traveling to different countries for the whole year welcomed challenges, as well as triumphs. LitFire’s international events coordinator, Cami Onolfo, says 2017 has been a great year for her and LitFire. “We expanded our network into the ALA book conferences, which I believe is a tremendous opportunity [not only] for LitFire to grow and expand but also for our authors,” Cami adds. She also mentions Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, and BookExpo America as great opportunities in terms of business and professional growth. With her line of work, Cami Onolfo is looking forward to even more national and international exposure for LitFire and the partner authors.
“ We improved our marketing skills this year. We offer in-house services such as editing, reviews, and marketing exposure for our authors on a national and international level. I hope for 2018 to have more national and international exposure. Book fairs like Dubai, India, Hong Kong, and South America and more national book festivals and ALA conferences.”
—Cami Onolfo, LitFire international events coordinator
2017 Roundup LitFire, Tilly Dunn - LitFire Publishing - Events

LitFire Publishing and its authors will be bringing joyous memories into the next year and gearing up for an even more prosperous 2018. LitFire’s 2017 journey, as what senior marketing manager A. J. Barco says, has been “fulfilling,” and she is looking forward to 2018, hoping that it will also be a fulfilling year with continuous growth and bigger challenges.

This year was good; 2018 will be better.